Friday, March 6, 2015

Bikini Diet??


Are you thinking about that bikini bod? Are you excited for sunshine, but afraid to step into it with that extra tummy you acquired while hibernating? Here are some beginning necessary steps you need to take STARTING NOW to get a healthy and fit body that you will feel confident showing off in that so-desired summer sun:
  1. As I have mentioned before, diet is more important than going to the gym when it comes to losing weight. Obviously staying active has many benefits, but start by reevaluating what you eat if your main goal is to shed a few pounds.
  2. The reason "diets" like Slimfast work is because they force to you cut calories. That's all that losing weight is-calorie restriction. Rather than obsessively recording all you eat, just keep track of calorie counts on nutrition facts, menus, etc.
  3. Now that it is going to start getting warmer, make lifestyle changes like parking farther away from your destination to force you to start moving a little bit more. Being active will help you keep off any weight that you do lose.
Stay tuned for more in-depth tips on feeling comfortable in your soon-to-be summer skin!
xoxo, Keely