Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Hunger-3 tips to keep you happy and healthy!

If you're anything like me, you LOVE the food that is basically shoved in our faces at this time of year. I mean seriously I am waiting on a sodium-filled roast beef dinner at this very moment. How does one not put on a little fat yet still be able to enjoy the goodies all around? Well it's as I've said all along: MODERATION!!

  1. Keep that box of truffles in an inconvenient place so that you only make the effort to get one when you're truly craving them and not only because  they are staring you in the face while sitting on your counter. 
  2. STAY OUT of the room that has all of those holiday snacks laid out on the table.
  3. Load your plate up at that holiday buffet with a little of everything you're going to want to try, that way you don't feel the need to go back up for a second helping to try more unless you're really still hungry. 
Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Stay happy and healthy
Xoxo, Keely


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