Thursday, December 18, 2014

The secret to losing weight

If there is one thing I have learned  from the multitude of nutrition classes that I have taken it's that there really is no secret to losing weight. The bottom line of all nutrition lessons is that the only way to be healthy and become a healthy weight is to eat well and exercise. The only variations of this rule are the wholesome foods you choose  to indulge  in and the activities that you decide to enjoy. Don't fall for pills or potions tricking yourself into thinking that you can avoid the truth that health is a lifestyle and changes need to be made. The below meme is one of the saddest-yet most common-misconceptions of what eating healthy is like. Healthy does not mean truckloads of celery! It may mean cutting back on fast food  and eating more at home, or other easier changes that won't make you hate eating.

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