Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Truth About Supplements

We've all heard about supplements. There is so much controversy over the merit of supplements that it may be hard for people to make a good decision about whether to start using them and/or which ones to use. The cold-hard truth is most supplements haven't actually been approved by the FDA (Federal Department of Agriculture). You will see on the label whether or not this is the case for the particular supplement that you are looking into. It's hard for people to really grasp that something sold on the shelves in the safety of their trusted grocery stores and pharmacies could potentially be dangerous, but the fact of the matter is that most supplements are only taken off the shelves when someone has a horrible reaction (like death!) to the supplement itself. By taking that brand new supplement you found at the grocery store you are potentially becoming a guinea pig in the trial run of the product and you have to keep in mind that you are taking your health into your own hands with no filter from the FDA. So before you spend all of your Christmas money on those supplements to aid in your healthy lifestyle resolution try to do more research into what kinds of food can give you the same nutrients. Contrary to what you think, we are actually easily able to get all of the nutrients that we need through our diets.

xoxo, Keely

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