Sunday, July 12, 2015

Breakfast dilemma

You've probably heard/read all of the media claiming that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and that studies have shown eating breakfast can be linked to lower body weight. My view on breakfast is that you should wait to eat until you're hungry. If you're like me, you might not be hungry right when you get up in the morning so wait until you do feel like eating (If you have an important meeting or test in the morning, it is beneficial to eat something-anything-so that you have some sugar for your brain to run). On the weekends I like to make myself a nice breakfast. I'm no chef, but I do like to whip something up other than cereal or toast and peanut butter in the morning. A quick and delicious breakfast option is to cook an egg WHITE in a skillet with some cooking oil and when it's congealing toss a pinch or two of shredded Parmesan cheese or Cheddar cheese into the cooking egg, then flip it over and cook as usual. These strong cheeses will add flavor and texture to the bland egg white, but be careful as to how much you add because cheese is abundant in saturated fats. Next I diced up a thick slice of a steak tomato, threw it on top of the egg, and added some pepper! Finally I toasted a whole grain slice of bread and added a thin layer of butter on top. All of this added up to only 150 calories and contained whole grains, vegetables, dairy, and protein- four out of five food groups! Plus, the protein from the egg white will keep you satiated for longer than just grains from cereal or toast.

Feel free to add other ingredients you have on hand such as avocado for some extra unsaturated fat and flavor or onions and peppers. Better yet, add a side of fruit like peaches or an orange to accomplish including all five of the food groups! Just keep in mind that any added ingredients will add to the calorie count even if they are healthy ingredients or sides. You can track calories from meals you put together at this USDA website:
Thank you for reading, and if you would like more food recipe ideas from an amateur foodie who is all about nutrients let me know!
xoxo, Keely

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