Sunday, July 12, 2015


I am the first to admit I do not drink nearly enough water. This summer, however, I got a scare when my kidneys became inflamed after becoming dehydrated. I searched for easy and cheap ways to enjoy water and here are the three tips I've discovered to keep me hydrated in this sweltering heat:
1) Get a new water bottle- get a water bottle that is aesthetically pleasing to you and that will be convenient to take with you where you go. For some reason this will honestly motivate you to drink more H2O. 
2) Frozen Fruit- We have all heard of infused water, but infusing water with your favorite fresh fruits like strawberries or raspberries can be expensive. Opt instead for bags of frozen fruits; not only will frozen fruits chill your water like ice cubes, they infuse more than fresh fruit to give you an even more intense flavor and they are much more affordable. 
3) Cocktail-inspired- One of the most refreshing water infusions I've tried is a "virgin mojito". Take a water bottle to the beach filled with ice, a sliced up lime, a fair amount of mint leaves, and, of course, water! SO refreshing! 
As I said above, I know how hard it can be to stay hydrated, but water will help to cleanse your system of toxins, clear your skin, and genuinely make you feel more alert and healthy! I hope these tips helped! 
Xoxo, Keely 

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