Monday, July 13, 2015


A lot of people don't think about "coffee" when they consider their daily calorie intake. I say "coffee" because most people these days (at least in America) are drinking creamer and other sugary flavors with only a dash of real coffee. A mug of straight up black coffee is only around 2 calories. Add a dash of fat free milk and you will have a low cal healthy drink to wake you up and give you energy. For some, they prefer the sweet taste of drinks like the Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Vanilla drink which is a whopping 210 calories (Starbucks Menu). This drink will definitely give you energy, but it won't make you feel full or deter you from eating more later on. One of the biggest factors of obesity in America is people drinking their calories. We've known for a while now about the dangers of our obsession with soft drinks, but calling a fat-filled, sugary cup of cream cream with a pinch of coffee "healthy" can get you into a lot of trouble when trying to cut down on those calories. I'm one of the few who actually enjoy the taste of good black coffee, but I do get a sweet tooth now and again and I understand the desire for something more dessert-like, like a Starbucks S'mores Frappuccino (500 Calories!!). So here is a base recipe for all of you who love that coffee buzz but don't want all of the extra calories that go along with it:
Take a tumbler or other larger drinking container and fill it completely with ice. Brew coffee as per usual (Keurig, Coffee Press, etc.) in a separate mug. Fill tumbler about halfway (more or less as desired) with skim (fat free) milk. Pour brewed coffee over ice and milk. For a little bit of added flavor (and added calories...but not too much) drizzle in a tablespoon or less of sugar or, my favorite, maple syrup for a drink that is refreshing and sweet but extremely reduced in calories, fat, and sugar!

In terms of ordering coffee, a couple of things I do to reduce calories is to
  1. Ask for skim (non-fat) milk instead of cream
  2. Ask for less sugar (usually companies add 3 so ask for 2 or 1)
Drinking my calories feels like a waste, especially when it isn't going to fill me up and prevent me from eating more calories later. Do you guys have any tasty and "healthier" ways you drink your coffee? Let me know!
xoxo, Keely

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